Episode 2.2 Sexual Wellness Solutions for Women: Meet Rosy Interview with Lyndsey Harper MD

February 11, 2021 Sexual and Pelvic Health Experts Season 2 Episode 2
Episode 2.2 Sexual Wellness Solutions for Women: Meet Rosy Interview with Lyndsey Harper MD
Show Notes

When challenging questions arise in doctor-patient consultations, providers who care begin to hunt for answers that they may not have received throughout the course of their medical training. But what happens when patients continually ask questions that neither physicians—nor their colleagues—have been trained to answer or prepared to discuss?

  • Positive Body Image
  • The Body-Mind Connection to Orgasms & Sexual Dysfunction
  • Navigating Religion, Faith, & Sex
  • Social Distancing & Sexual Wellness

These are things you simply don't find in the books! Thankfully, conversations are taking place about these issues, and our guest speaker is making them available to practitioners and patients through the Rosy App (website and blog)!

In this episode we'll be talking with Lyndsey Harper, MD, about her experience as a healthcare provider  lacking necessary information for patients seeking answers to important questions about their sexual health and wellness.

We invite you to share this discussion with all who may benefit from this important conversation. 

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Lyndsey Harper, MD is the Founder and CEO of Rosy, an app for women with decreased sexual desire and other sexual problems. Dr. Harper created Rosy out of frustration when she couldn’t find a modern and accessible resource to help her many patients with this problem. Rosy is a resource to connect the 84 million women in the US with sexual problems with hope, community, and research-backed solutions to improve their lives.

Visit the website: Meet Rosy App

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