Episode 2.8: Gut Health and Balancing Hormones with Christine Garvin

August 17, 2021 Sexual and Pelvic Health Experts Season 2 Episode 8
Episode 2.8: Gut Health and Balancing Hormones with Christine Garvin
Show Notes

In this episode, we're joined by Christine Garvin, host of the Hormonally Speaking podcast, for a compelling conversation about gut health and how it can affect your hormones.

The gut is the key to healing hormonal imbalances, yet most of us go through our lives in a constant state of inflammation and dis-ease. Hitting her pain point with a fibroid surgery that nearly killed her, Christine has gone from being in chronic pain to working as a Functional Health Coach that helps connect the dots between gut health and long-term hormone balance.

Listen along for an inside look at what it takes to finally heal your gut from all the causes that might be throwing you off balance.

Guest Speaker Bio
Christine Garvin, MA, NE, RWP is a Functional Health Coach based in Asheville, NC. She weaves together her personal health journey – including a fibroid surgery that nearly killed her – with her training in functional health, nutrition, and hormones to help women heal their gut and achieve hormonal balance. She is the host of the podcast, Hormonally Speaking, works with clients all over the world via Zoom, and offers group programs for gut healing and hormone health.

Website: http://christinegarvin.com
Instagram: @christinegarvin
Podcast: iTunes , Google

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